Are you interested in…

  • Taking on and meeting challenges on a daily basis?
  • Working in an environment where your talents can be fully utilized?
  • Designing, manufacturing and selling products and services that provide value to users?
  • Experiencing a professional career as part of a team and internationally?



Manitou Group combines the international dynamism of a major world player with the deeply human character of a family business dedicated to helping all our employees achieve a work-life balance. The proof? 82%* of our employees recommend the company as a good place to work.

*satisfaction survey conducted in 2020

At Manitou Group, CSR is at the core of every decision...

The Manitou Group's challenge is to provide its customers with responsible and sustainable material handling, personnel lifting and earthmoving solutions, with minimal environmental impact. To meet that challenge, we are continuously developing our range of products and services. With this in mind, we involve our employees and our value chain to create people-friendly and environmentally-friendly solutions for the future. The CSR approach* that we all share gives meaning to each person's work.
The proof? In 2019, the internal Elevation challenge, which encouraged all employees to submit a CSR project implemented in the context of their work, received 47 contributions from ten countries.

*CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility



At Manitou Group, innovation is second nature...

Everyone can be an agent of change, everyone can come up with good ideas. Come and invent products and services to meet tomorrow's material handling needs. Join us to participate in the digital transformation of the sector! Based on trust, our management promotes innovation, experimentation, challenge and accountability. The proof? 77% of employees* say that they are "committed" and motivated.

*satisfaction survey conducted in 2020

At Manitou Group, we believe in team spirit...

Because we prefer collaboration to competition, we encourage closeness and cooperation within our organizations. With us, good will also means transparency. The proof? 80%  intend to stay in Manitou Group  for a long time.

*satisfaction survey conducted in 2020

At Manitou Group, we cultivate the international dimension

Manitou Group generates 80% of its business internationally. Multicultural and open to the world, our teams are in regular contact with international counterparts. The proof? 48%* of our workforce is based outside France.

*Manitou Group key figures at end 2019

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