Our Commitments

​Manitou Group, "Elevate talents"

By joining us, you become an agent of your own professional development within an innovative group in a dynamic environment with an engaging collective mission.

Diversity, a source of strength for the group

At Manitou Group, we believe that diversity is a lever of performance, as evidenced by our dedicated charter, our measures for professional equality for men and women and our mixed internal network of more than 60 members, called Wo’Men by Manitou Group.
We also provide concrete encouragement for intergenerational cooperation and ensure optimal integration of our employees with disabilities.


Management according to Manitou Group

Regular discussions and feedback, closeness, trust: every employee is independent and supported. Mindful of helping you develop your skills, each year the group enables you to complete an average of around 20 hours of training*. Ambitious but realistic goals, are established jointly by you and your manager. As proof of our employees' satisfaction, almost 38%* of them have been with us for over ten years.

* Average per employee, 2019 key figures